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My Mission was to create a high quality upbeat clothing line for the fashion and body conscious athlete in us all. Clothing for all hours of the day that makes you smile when you put it on. You know - a favorite tee that you want to save for special days but end up wearing all through the week because it makes you feel great. That’s what I expect from all my garments and so should you.

I start by first creating thoughtful art then using clothing as canvas I infuse them with original designs. My designs come from inspirations surrounding us all. Combining truths and symbolism from different philosophies & cultures then injecting color, conversations and great vibes…
With the belief that we are ultimately one people, one world striving for peace, love and happiness in our own way.

New designs in my Yoga wear line reflect on the following:
Lotus Mandala a form that encircles the "container of essence."
Aum represents the eternal balance of the elements, mind & body.
Ganesha Hindu Deity of success, knowledge & wisdom.
The Shanti Buddha represents a pure & vibrant state of mind.
Namaste' is the honoring of one divine spirit to another.
Double Dorji helps to protect and empower our focus & inner strength.
Dancing Apsaras celestial dancers for the gods.

With all that in mind I've created an active Urban wear line and vibrant Yoga lifestyle line from the highest quality cotton/ spandex and the sheerest jersey cotton available. I'm now offering a variety of styles from
Cami - bra tanks to Fitted jacket & pant sets with absolutely everything in between. Something for everyone!

My commitment to you is to continue to produce high quality garments with mind-full lifestyle designs.
Looking forward to an exceptionally fashionable and exceedingly prosperous year for us all.

Peace Mollie


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